Saw X Edit Shock: Director’s Neighbors Call Police Amidst Gruesome Sounds

In a recent interview, director of Saw X Kevin Greutert disclosed that police were called to editor Steve Forn’s apartment after neighbors reported hearing screaming.

The editor of Saw X, a horror film directed by Kevin Greutert, Steve Forn, had California police show up in his editing room. The funny story of Steve’s neighbors calling the police to report that “someone is being tortured to death” after hearing a lot of screams coming from the next door was shared by the director in an interview with NME.

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What actually happened

“The door was knocked on. The cops can be seen on the doorbell (camera) video as they approach, greet Forn, who is opening the door, and declare, “Someone is being tortured to death in here,” in response to calls from neighbors. “Actually, I’m working on a movie,” he said. You’re welcome to come in and look at it.’ The police began to chuckle! They remarked, “We would like to, but you know, you’re fine.” In the interview, Kevin told the story.

Furthermore, he said that considering Steve’s mild disposition, the situation is considerably funny. “It’s a pretty funny story,” he continued. Furthermore, Steve has such gentle manners. I can only picture his reaction when he realized what was going on!

Steve was cutting a sequence called the “eye vacuum trap,” in which a character had to get away from Jigsaw or else they could lose their sight. He has an editing facility in North Hollywood.

About Saw X

The tenth installment of the horror franchise, which debuted in 2004, is titled Saw X. It is a prelude to Saw II, which came out in 2005, yet it is also a direct sequel to the first installment. Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger wrote it. In this scene, Tobin Bell plays John Kramer once more. Lionsgate Pictures released the movie on September 29 of this week.

The majority of reviews for Saw X were favorable, with foreign press hailing it as one of the franchise’s most “effective” movies. They declared it to be a pleasure for the devoted Saw franchise viewers. But as the Variety review noted, there are moments in the movie where the gore factor becomes overwhelming. The statement read, “Saw X raises the question of how much of John Kramer’s hand-wringing is too much, but Tobin Bell, with his stare of pitiless wisdom, is also a draw.” Get more updates from Bollywood, Hollywood

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