Sam Altman’s Unique Visit: Wearing Guest ID at OpenAI Office – A Day in the Tech Realm

Ex-CEO of OpenAI shared a photo on X of himself wearing a guest ID card while entering the company.

Sam Altman took X to share a photo of his most recent visit to OpenAI, following the board’s decision to remove him from the role of CEO. The moment the photo was shared, it attracted a lot of attention on social media.

Sam Altman shared the photo and stated, “This is the first and last time I ever wear one of them. The photo shows him with a guest ID at the OpenAI office.

Check out the article that Altman shared here:

November 20 was the share date of this post. It has received more than 19 million views since it was posted. A lot of people liked the piece and shared their opinions in the comments area.

See what others are saying about it by clicking this link:

“Being a guest in your own company is a unique experience,” someone wrote.

Another person said, “Amazing 48 hours.”

“They have no right to give you a guest badge,” said a third.

“I believe they have misspelled ‘CEO’ on your badge,” a fourth person said.

About Sam Altman being fired from OpenAI:

The board of OpenAI determined they no longer trusted Sam Altman to steer the company, and he resigned as CEO. He was not always honest in his discussions with the board, which made it more difficult for it to carry out its duties, the board continued. The board no longer believes he can successfully lead OpenAI in the future.

Altman just departed from OpenAI and joined Microsoft. Concurrently, OpenAI’s new CEO, Emmett Shear, the co-founder of Twitch, made an announcement.

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