Rubina Dilaik Confirms Pregnancy: Welcoming a Little Traveler Soon

On June 21, 2018, in Shimla, Abhinav Shukla wed his longtime girlfriend Rubina Dilaik. They’re on vacation in the US right now.

Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik, an actor couple, have announced their first pregnancy. On Saturday, Rubina and Abhinav made a joint Instagram post telling their followers and lovers of the news.

Abhinav and Rubina post together.

Currently residing in the US are Rubina and Abhinav Shukla. They exchanged photos while posing on a boat amid the mountains and azure water. They smiled for the camera and struck various positions for the photograph. Rubina dressed for the occasion in a black T-shirt, a pair of pants to match, and a grey cardigan. A white hoodie and a pair of blue jeans were noticed on Abhinav. They were both sporting sneakers and sunglasses.

Pen note from Rubina and Abhinav

“Since we started dating, got married, and now do red heart emoji as a family nazar amulet, we have promised each other that we will travel the world together. welcoming the little traveler soon,” they said alongside the photographs when they shared them on social media. Sriti Jha responded to the post by wishing them well. “Awwwwww happy birthday,” wrote straightforward Kaul. Wow, that’s great news. Love to you both. Fans showered the soon-to-be parents with love as well. They finally made an official announcement, someone said. Congratulations to Rubinav and my babies, who will become parents shortly.

According to a source speaking to Hindustan Times, Rubina is expecting.

According to information sent to Hindustan Times last month, Rubina and Abhinav are indeed expecting their first child. She is almost four months along with her due date, which is early in 2019. They are thrilled to become mothers and are quite happy about it. The insider stated that this is the reason “they want to keep the pregnancy away from the spotlight and enjoy this new phase of their life in privacy” because the pair has been very secretive about their personal lives. The insider claimed that one of the reasons she chose to travel to the US for a lengthy vacation was to avoid the glare.

As a public figure, Rubina previously told Hindustan Times, “I am aware that rumors and speculations keep happening. I don’t trouble myself with these things because I know there isn’t much I can do about it. No rumor has any impact on me, either at work or in my personal life. It is perfectly OK because we have made our personal lives public in order for people to use their discretion. I keep working while allowing folks to continue making assumptions and guesses. On June 21, 2018, Abhinav tied the knot with his longtime love Rubina in Shimla.

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