Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Advance Home Investment Before Split

In an attempt to purchase the home, Joe Jonas wrote a letter to the owner of a house in Wallingford, Oxford, in June.

Numerous insights into the life of the former couple have emerged following the stunning breakup of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. Turner’s court filings reveal that Jonas desired to purchase a property in England, according to Page Six. Turner’s father had also been informed by Jonas about the stunning £7.5 million house.

According to the report, Jonas attempted to purchase the home in Wallingford, Oxford, by writing a letter to the owner in June.

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When my wife and I decided to spend more time in the UK and find a permanent home, our daughter insisted on chickens, a pony, and a Wendy’s house, Jonas wrote to the seller.

Even though many of the properties we looked at fit the bill, “something magical happened” when we rounded the corner and saw the gorgeous blue shutters gracing [redacted], as Jonas put it.

The house had a beautiful garden, which really thrilled Jonas, who could just picture his daughter playing in it.

In a written message, Jonas stated, “My father-in-law is an extremely keen gardener, and he was suitably impressed by your vegetable garden too, a very important sign-off!”

Jonas dreamed of living in England and leading a comfortable life as well. The idea of dropping my kids off at school on the boat and spending a relaxing afternoon going to the pub with pals on my very own boat has mesmerized me, the author said.

Speaking of a large room in the property, Jonas said he could see it being used as a recording studio.

We can see our children growing up here and making this our permanent home because we can tell how much your family has loved living here. In his letter, Jonas expressed his belief that he and Sophie would be able to care for [redacted names] and honor the magic you have worked here for a very long time.

Later, the ex-couple had put down a down payment to purchase the house after Jonas and Turner succeeded in persuading the owner to sell.

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