Christian Bale’s Return to American Psycho: A Reunion with a Sick Sense of Humor

In an interview with GQ, Christian Bale talked about his fearless devotion to iconic roles, such as Dick Cheney and Batman.

Christian Bale’s GQ interview offers insightful information on the actor’s philosophy and unique approach to classic roles.

From his early days in Empire of the Sun to working with Patrick Bateman, Batman, and Dick Cheney, B’s renowned career has been molded by his unshakable dedication and willingness to take risks.

Previously, the English performer faced challenges in landing roles in Hollywood. In the 2000 movie American Psycho, Patrick Bateman was one of the characters that had a near-miss.

But Mary Harron, the film’s director, was adamant that Bale take the part because she thought the two had a dark sense of humor in common. Even though seasoned actors expressed interest in the part, Mary’s faith in Bale won out, and he expressed his sincere gratitude.

Despite concerns that the role could be a “career suicide,” Bale took on the challenge head-on and gave Patrick Bateman his distinct viewpoint. Likewise, when he took on the legendary persona of Batman, doubts surfaced about his status as the Caped Crusader.

Still, Bale jumped at the chance, saying he didn’t deserve the part if he couldn’t go above these limitations.

In the 2018 picture Vice, Bale shows a remarkable dedication to his craft, portraying Dick Cheney. He stressed the significance of correctness and perfection and asked for more time to prepare in order to master the extensive makeup required.

Bale accepted the entire process of playing the role enthusiastically, even after surviving the arduous four-hour makeup treatments. Thinking back on his early career, Bale reacted to his debut performance in the 1987 motion picture Empire of the Sun.

Citing the opportunity to travel and be a part of a large-scale production with a vast cast of extras, he described it as a “remarkable adventure”. Bale’s view on filmmaking and the industry at large was profoundly impacted by the entire event.

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