BTS’s Jungkook Announces TikTok Debut: Expect More from Me

BTS member Jungkook recently spilled the beans about his TikTok account and shared his plans for the platform in a recent interview. In a candid chat during a radio show, the talented singer Jung Kook made a surprising revelation about his TikTok debut.

When asked about his TikTok account, he couldn’t help but laugh, recalling the unexpected moment when he accidentally revealed it to his fans.

Now that his TikTok handle is out in the open, known to both the BTS Army and fans worldwide, the ‘My You’ singer has decided to embrace it officially.

Jungkook is well aware of TikTok’s global popularity and doesn’t want to miss out on trends or opportunities to learn new things. “I don’t want to fall behind on trends. So maybe? You will see more from me on TikTok,” he confidently declared during the interview.

As we all know, his fans are always eager and passionate. They’ve already explored his posts on the app and are thrilled to see him embracing K-pop trends. What excites them even more is the hope that Jungkook will grace TikTok with regular content.

Recently, the K-pop sensation posted a captivating dance video on TikTok, and his fans have gone wild over it.

Ever since the announcement, Jungkook’s TikTok following has skyrocketed to a remarkable 12.2 million fans. On September 15, 2023, he took part in the Smoke dance challenge, sharing a mesmerizing dance video.

In his caption, he playfully remarked, “I’m giving it a go too (editing was tough…)

Naturally, his admirers praised him profusely for his excellent dancing abilities and dance routines.

Notably, his bandmate V also took the challenge, establishing it as a spreading fad among K-pop stars.

Jungkook’s TikTok journey began when he shared ENHYPEN members Jay and Jungwon’s take on the Seven Dance Challenge in August. Accidentally, he revealed his username while praising ENHYPEN, and since then, he has been actively using his TikTok account to connect with the BTS Army and fans worldwide.

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