Kylie Jenner’s $15M Dream Home Nears Completion: Inside Peek!

Kylie’s mansion is a luxurious testament to living, nestled on five acres of Hidden Hills land. The house has a 12-car garage and 15 bedrooms.

The reality TV star and makeup entrepreneur Kylie Jenner is creating quite a stir in the real estate industry as her Hidden Hills property nears completion. After being acquired for $15 million in 2020, the land is now bustling with activity, and the actual layout and roof are now apparent.

Nestled on five acres of magnificent land in Hidden Hills, Kylie’s estate is starting to stand as an example of opulent living. The property, which is 15,000 square feet in size, will have an infinity pool, an underground garage, and 15 bedrooms, among other luxurious features. With neighbors like Will Smith and her own Kardashian brood living close by, the area is practically star-studded, forming a little community of Hollywood aristocracy.

Early in 2021, work on the home started, and new aerial images indicate impressive development. The layout of the beams and foundations has realized Kylie’s concept. An 18,000-square-foot main home, a 12-car garage, a guest house, a security base, a pool, and a sports court are all planned for the property. Although specifics are being kept under wraps, one thing is for sure: Kylie’s estate will be a modern architectural marvel of extravagance.

The residences of the Kardashian-Jenner family have long piqued interest, and Kylie’s most recent endeavor is no different. Kylie Jenner’s $20 million home and Khloe Kardashian’s custom $17 million home are positioned such that Kylie’s mansion will serve as the family’s focal point.

Kylie’s new house is filled to the brim with her obsession with perfection. In a previous interview, she emphasized the importance of her personal space, particularly her closets and glam room, saying, “My closets and glam room are very personal to me, even down to the size of every drawer, so they fit my specific items and clothes.”

As the building process continues and the final details are added, excitement is growing for the grand opening of Kylie Jenner’s ideal residence. This home represents the pinnacle of wealth, style, and the glitzy lifestyle associated with the Kardashian-Jenner name, appealing to both real estate enthusiasts and followers of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

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