Selena Gomez: Twitter’s 2023 Star The Reasons She Shined Bright

The artist Selena Gomez stole the show at the 2023 MTV Video Music prizes, despite the fact that her BFF Taylor Swift may have taken home the most prizes.

At the MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday night in Newark, New Jersey, US, Selena Gomez made a rare red carpet appearance. The singer-actor looked lovely while doing so. Three times nominated, Selena’s song Calm Down with Rema took home the prize for best Afrobeats. Selena was trending on X (previously Twitter) for hours after delivering the ultimate red-carpet look in a red dress and winning the award. There were more than 4.4 lakh tweets about her.

The Twitter trend for Selena Gomez is

The most well-known figures in pop culture, including Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Shakira, and others, attended the VMAs this year. While Selena captured people’s attention with her “cute” moments with Rema as they sat together in the audience, Taylor once again dominated the VMAs, winning for every televised category in which she was nominated. Some people also admired Selena’s moving acceptance speech for Calm Down.

In response to Chris Brown’s nomination, Selena

Selena appeared to pucker her nose in disgust as Chris Brown’s name was called, as several Twitter or X users also saw. His cameo in the song How Does It Feel by Chloe Bailey earned him a nomination for best R&B. Selena’s response to his name being mentioned has gone viral, despite the fact that he was not present. Someone tweeted about it and said, “She’s so real.” Another person remarked, “She earned my respect for that!”

Rapper and singer-songwriter Chris Brown is well-known for his violent history. In 2009, he was detained for hitting Rihanna, who was then his girlfriend. The incident happened the evening before the 2009 Grammy Awards, and Rihanna was left with obvious wounds like a split lip and facial bruises.

Selena was also seen hiding one of her ears as Olivia Rodrigo was on stage performing. Taylor Swift, Selena’s best friend, and Olivia are apparently at odds. 

Fans adore Selena’s ‘queen’ VMA appearance.

On the red carpet, Selena’s outfit for the awards ceremony generated some buzz. Selena, who attended the VMAs for the first time in years, arrived on the red carpet wearing a stunning red dress with a detailed design of leaves and flowers. She sported a plunging neckline, high leg split, and fringed hem all courtesy of Oscar de la Renta. Selena attended the VMAs for the first time since 2015 with this appearance.

On Twitter or X, a fan said, “She’s gorgeous and the dress is perfect!!!” in response to her 2023 VMAs images. Someone another said, “She looks stunning in that beautiful gown.” Amazing effort.”My queen!” was another tweet that went viral.

Taylor and Selena’s tender interactions

Selena Gomez and Rema both expressed their appreciation to everyone who contributed to their award’s success. Although Selena’s close friend Taylor Swift stood and cheered them on while mouthing “I love you” to Selena, she may have been the most ecstatic person in the room as a result of their victory.

During one of Taylor’s acceptance speeches, Selena stood to show her support for her friend, who had just won several awards during the night.

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