Discover how Mika Singh introduced his own duplicate saying that book this man if I am not available


Bollywood Singer Mika Singh keeps making headlines by his activities. Mika’s strong & melodious voice makes him unique in the bollywood music industry. This time, Mika has uploaded a video of his own duplicate saying that, "Guys when I'm not available then pls you can book this man for the show he is rocking and makes me laugh, feel proud of him. His name is sachin dev mikaJ". Mika’s followers appreciated his attitude of praising other artist on his official facebook page wall. When we watched the video we were amazed as it was completely a mirror voice of Singer Mika Singh in the video. Name of this artists is Sachin Dev Mika. Anyone can easily believe his voice matching completely with Mika’s voice even if it is heard again and again. That’s really amazing and the reason of getting appreciation by Popular Singer Mika Singh.

Singer SDM has acted and sung in 2 single music albums named ‘Dumadum Mast Qalandar’ and ‘Sahi Pakde Hain’ already under the direction of Musician Raj Mahajan through the label of Moxx Music Company. Yes! this is the same Raj Mahajan who is making news due to his possibility of probable entry in Bigg Boss 10. SDM must have something special as he has got Singer Mika Singh as his ideal and Raj Mahajan as his godfather. Now a days, SDM is engaged in the video shoot of ‘Laage Kaise Tore Bin Jiya Re Piya.’ His upcoming songs are ‘Laage Kaise Tore Bin Jiya Re Piya’, ‘Saawan Mein Aag’ and ‘Akkar Bakkar Bombay Go’ etc.